Terms and Privacy

1)Installation Method:-

(a) Underground Tanks :

The place where the tank will be installed must be excavated, taking into account the following:

(b) Above -ground tanks:

2)Special manufacturing demands for the products:

A)Fiberglass tanks:

B)Buried Tank:

3)Payments and reservation of goods:

4)Cancellation and Modification:


6)Warranty and compensation:

( A ) TANKS .

( B ) Pumps and Submersibles .

  1. Two years warranty against manufacturing defects provided abiding with manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operation.
  2. Warranty does not cover following:

 ( c ) Pump control systems

(D)  Manhole cover.


(F) Central water heaters.

(G) Instant water heater.

(H) Disposers.

( I ) Purifiers

7)Return and exchange for the products from (B) To (I).

  1. To benefit from the return and exchange services, you must bring the original invoice.
  2. Return within 3 days and exchange within 7 days from the date of purchase.
  3. The item must be in the same condition, wrapped in the original cover, and not assembled.

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