Our Brands

About Marjan Factory


Marjan Factory Company for fiberglass products
Saudi national Trademark
( our trademark is known as a leader in the field of tanks manufacturing and water solutions for more than 25 years)

About Grundfos


It is the largest company of pump manufacturing in the world, established in 1945 in Denmark and it has factories in Europe ( Grundfos trademark provides water pumps of unparalleled high quality in efficiency and reliability)

About Sistema


It is an Italian manufacturer of pumps and submersibles company, and its main office is in Italy
(Sistema trademark is one of the most important trademarks in the market of pumps in the world and it has more than 30 years of experience. The company works in electric water pumps sector in more than 100 countries)

About Aquastrong


One of the largest pumps and submersible factories in China, established in 1990
( it is a specialized trademark For the sale of pumps, submersibles, air compressors, and the work of water systems)



Chinese water pumps and submersibles (Seakoo specialized trademark for selling high-quality pumps and submersibles)
About Aqua care


Taiwan residential water purifier filters
(it is a specialized trademark for manufacturing residential water purification plants with reverse osmosis techniques)

About Richmond


American central water heaters
( The American Richmond trademark which has its own unique identity which reflects its proven strength in the global market for 100 years)

About JNOD


Chinese Instant water heaters
( it is a specialized trademark for Tankless Instant heaters system)

About Insinkerator


American residential food waste Disposers ( it is the largest factory in the world manufacturing food waste disposers for commercial and residential applications since 1938)